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Friday, July 20, 2007

Blood test for cancer risk patients

A university researchers comes up with blood test for cancer risk patients that peoplewho is high risk of colon cancer should have the test right away, while people who tests negative may not needs to be looked at for another year.

Doctors use several tools to screen for colon cancer and precancerous lesions, including blood tests and imaging technologies such as X-rays and CT scan knowns as virtual colonoscopies. Another promising new test identifies genetic market for cancer in stool samples.

A traditional colonoscopy, however, is considered the most accurate test. The American Society recommends that patients undergo at least one colonoscopy every 10 years, beginning at the age of fifty. Those witha family history of colorectal cancer should begin screening earlier.


Blood test for colon cancer risk

A university researchers are developing a simple blood testbthat can help doctors determine who needs a colonoscopy, a sreening procedure for colon cancer recommended for adults who is above fifty years of ages. The new test, which looks for cancer related protiens in the blood, identifies colon cancer and precancerous polps almost as well as a colonoscopy, according in the study published.

The cancer researchers say the test won't replace colonoscopy but might provided a non-invasive means of identiflying high risk patientsand an incentive for them to undergo the more invasive procedure. Parts of whatwe are trying to do here is use blood markets for cancer like we do cholesterol levels to predict heart diaease risk

The cancer researchers said if he could tell you that you have a 92% changes of having colon cancer, you might be more willing to undergo a colonoscopy. The blood test might also reduce the overall number of people who needs colonoscopy by screening out low risk patients.