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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Understand the early symptoms of colon cancer

Understand the early symptoms of colon cancer will be advantage to oneself as early treatment will save life. Colon cancer is one the high rate of death among cancer victims as the symptoms are always slow to show and most of the time victims experience no symptoms at the beginning and when they notice the symptoms of colon cancer it might be too late as the cancer has already spread to many parts of the body and disease has already reach the advanced stages.

With early dectection, the colon cancer victims had high potentials for it cancer to remove as the success rate of undergoing chemotherapy to cure the colon cancer is very impressive. If you notice the following symptoms it is adviceable to visit the doctor and make routine screening for colon cancer.

The common symptom of colon cancer is
1) Blood in the stool - once the tumor grows big it will affected the passage of feces and cause bleeding.

2)Change in bowel - your stool became thinner due to the small passage of faces and often give out alot of gas.

3)If the tumor happen near the anus you can see the stool with blood hidden inside.

4)Feeling pain and discomfort of the abdominal by swelling, cramp in the stomach

5)Unexpected weight loss.

6)loss of appetite and always feel full in the stomach most of the time and bloating.

Notice or experiencing any of these symptoms see your doctor fast as you may be a victims of developed yourself with colon cancer. Don't waste time as time saves life.