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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Early detection of colon cancer is the best prevention

Colon cancer is the second killers disease to men and women behind heart disease and its parts of body digestive system that removes and processes food in our body. Its also helps to pass waste material out of the body. To reduce the risk of getting colon cancer proper nutrition must be well maintained such as taking low fat diets and high fiber diet.

Symptoms of colon cancer are always notice by blood found in the stool, bleeding in the rectal area and has problems in the bowels. Others symptoms are finding yourself loss in weight because loss of appetite and feeling pain and discomfort of the abdominal by swelling, cramp in the stomach, bloating and stomach feeling full all the time. Other commom systoms are seeing your stool became thinner due to the passage of faces became smaller and often with alot of gas.

If you notice the following symptoms it is adviceable to make routine screening for colon cancer as early detection is the best cure. Remmember to let your doctor knows about all the symptoms you notice.