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Monday, November 26, 2007

Treatment of advance state of colon cancer through white cell (2)

The doctors said tumour lysate-a sollution containing a breakdown of the cancer cells and proteins is introduced to the dendritic cells to created a killer cocktail that stimulates the immune systems and cause the cancer to shrink. The vaccine is then injected into the patients body under the patient's skin. The doctor said the vaccine treatments reintroduced a highly trained special force into the community. This specials force will in turn train T-cells to hone in on a specific tumour protients and kill them.

The works needs a whole process and is labour intensive, taking at least seven days to process in the lab. The results of the treatment of advanced stage of colon cancer patients show promising, as patients who are supposed to be given a life spans of six to nine months before the treatment. After the tretments most of the patients on trails show that they can survived more than a year. The teamis now preparing for futher stage involving more patients as many as three hundred and aimed at demonstrating short and long terms safety and benifits.



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