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Sunday, April 15, 2007

VitaminD and colorectal cancel

Colorectal cancer seems to occur more often among those who live in sunshine deprived areas, leading some people to theory rise that lack of vatimin D which sun helps the body absorb may play a role in the disease. Might higher the lavels of vatimin D in the blood lower the livelihood of develpoeing this cancer.

A study combined and analysed data from five studies, involving 1448 healthy people whose blood was tested for the presence of 25 hydroxy vitamin D, the main form of vitaminD in the circulatory system. The participants health was monitored for up to twenty five years. During that time, those whose blood registered the highest lavels of vitamin D were the least likely to develop colorectal cancer. For example, people with a 25(OH)D blood level of 33 nanograms per mililitre were 50% less likely to have developed colorectal cancer than were those with a lavel of 12 ng/ml or lower.

The study estimated that taking 1,000 to 2,000 international units of vitamin D supplements daily would createa blood level of at least 33ng/ml.Anyone concerned about colorectal cancer. More than 90% of diagnoses occur after the age of 50 , cause of the disease is unknown, but contributing factors appear to includefamily history, smoking and diet.