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Friday, March 14, 2008

Beginning sign and symptoms of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a silent killers where many people who are infected with colon cancer never experience any symptoms at the early stages. When the symptoms appears it had already spread to others parts of the intestine where changes of treatment is low and this depending on the cancer size and the location in your large intestine.

It is better to knows some of the symptom of colon cancer which can be detected in the early stage. The best ways to know is to get a regular screening done if you suspect or notice any beginning sign and symptoms of colon cancer which can help save your life. The symptoms are mostly change in bowel habits. Finding your stool became tinner because due to the growth of the tumor in your intestine that cause construction. Others symptoms are feeling bloating and cramping in the stomach. Finding blood in the stool which is cause due to the bleeding of the tumor. Unexplaning weight loss might be due to the bowel being block at some places that made our stomach to feel full most of the time. Feeling fatigue and exhaustion.



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